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Dipped Marketing started as a vision from a young entrepreneur who started his journey mowing lawns like most kids.  Coming from humble beginnings, he started cutting yards at half the price as other kids in the neighborhood.  With that venture came the question of “how can I make more money without knocking on all of these doors?”

Being a fan of the Chicago underground party scene, Dipped’s Founder cherished being able to go to local mix-tape venues and hear about all of the parties.  It was there he developed a fascination with how people developed strong emotional triggers with events artwork.  What would possess a person to truly identify with a piece of paper that would have them spend hundreds on clothing to drive across town and wait in line for hours?

After moving to Atlanta, GA he found himself working directly with the owner of Santo Domingo Restaurant Nightclub.  Using street savvy with hard work landed him and friend Oscar Diaz the opportunity to create Atlanta’s first Latin entertainment website LaFrecuencia.com.  and La Locura Productions

Powers later turned an opportunity as the photographer at Chaparral Nightclub into him becoming management.  It is there that he developed personal long-lasting relationships in Atlanta’s entertainment and television world.  Powers was the first to  create opportunities for Latin and African American party goers to largely coexist and enjoy themselves in the same nightlife space.

The television series “Temptation TV” & “HoodBanger TV” took black and brown relations even further by showcasing hip hop and Latin music in the same space.  Powers and Jermaine “Main eVnts” Ordonez unknowingly defined Atlanta’s Latin main stream by having  outlets besides opening for concerts for Atlanta’s talent.

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