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About Us

Dipped Marketing Group is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in managing all of your businesses’ online presence from web design and development to graphics design, content creation, content marketing, SEO and a whole range of other digital marketing services

At Dipped Marketing, we offer you everything you need to run a successful online business, our client retention rate is very impressive as most of our digital campaigns have translated into huge successes for our clients, creating the traffic, leads and the income their business have longed desired to realize

Whether you’re a small business interested in local SEO services or a large-scale ecommerce company in need of a website redesign, aggressive digital marketing campaigns, Dipped Marketing Group has got just the ideal package to meet your needs

Our rates are pocket friendly too and we can accommodate budgets of different sizes. Whether you’re looking to spend a few hundred dollars per month or a couple of thousands, Dipped Marketing Group will find the right package to help you maximize your return on investments

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Our Services


Our Digital Marketing Solutions cover the full scope sf services required to begin, manage and consistently grow a successful online business. We’ll adopt the right strategy that meets your specific business needs.

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Whether it’s a highly robust ecommerce website or simple informational website, our team of highly skilled web designers and developers will help you create the eye catching and user friendly custom website your customers will love.

Our web development services include;

  • Brand Identity

Create or redesign your brand identity, change colors or freshen up its visual style, we’re here to inspire you to come up with the best designs that suit your ideal brand identity. We’ll help you create it. 

  • Web Design & Development

Create stunning websites that will wow your users and increase conversions. Whether you’re planning to build a new one or revamp an existing website, we’ve got you covered. Our developers have a rich history of implementing highly successful websites and our experience will count with yours.

  • Web content

A successful digital marketing strategy incorporates both web design and search engine optimization (SEO) services. We deliver fully optimized websites that provide are fully SEO compliant. We know the kind of content search engines are looking for so we build them into your websites.

  • Reviews & Social

It’s not enough to build, you also need to engage Dipped marketing showcases your reviews to the digital world and helps you build a social proof and an online reputation that makes it easy for users to recognize and identify with your brand.

  • Project Management

We can also set up a dedicated team for you to manage your web projects. At every point, you’ll have access to our wealth of experience through our dedicated team to advise you on the best line of action to take at all times


We are Certified Google AdWords Partners in Atlanta. We build and implement local marketing optimization and scalable email marketing campaigns that grow with the pace of your operations. Our Digital Marketing strategies are results driven, from start to finish.

Our Marketing experts will listen to you, make sure they understand your business before putting together a personalized marketing plan that is built to help you achieve your goals within your budget. 

Some of our Digital Marketing services include:

  • Pay Per Click Marketing

Our PPC experts are certified and highly experienced and are trained to create ads for Google and Facebook that will boost conversions. Our detailed PPC process makes use of nicely themed campaigns, optimized landing pages and smart reporting that informs us in which ads to keep and which ones not to keep.

  • Social Media Marketing

Dipped Marketing has always been on the cutting edge of all social platforms, helping brands to find and engage their prospective clients and improve their overall business performance. We carry out Social media profile reviews and make recommendations on how to position them for improved engagement

  • Local Marketing

For Companies with operations spread across local communities or for small scale localized companies that need to find and engage local customers, a traditional approach to SEO won’t cut it. Targeted and unique sets of marketing strategies need to be adopted to reach out to local audiences and positively engage with them in order to improve customer patronage and loyalty.

  • Lead Generation

We specialize in creating custom lead generation campaigns that will drive huge traffic to your business and deliver exclusive leads to you in real-time. From email to text marketing to lead nurturing and scoring strategies, landing page creation, CRM integration etc. we deploy our full range of services to ensure your business finds the leads it needs.

  • Public Relations

At Dipped Marketing, we have the technical know-how and the professional relationships to help promote your company’s visibility through online PR marketing. Our working relationship with several major media outlets across the digital and print media will come in handy in this regard.

  • Reputation Management

We help you manage and protect your reputation online. We don’t only track and report negative content associated with your brand, we respond very quickly to counter the narrative and sometimes ensure that these comments are taken down.

  • Review Acquisition

We make sure you get more reviews for your business. We’ve helped several small businesses and larger corporations acquire positive customer reviews in ethical fashion that helped promote their brands online.

  • SEO

At Dipped Marketing, we know how to get your website ranked top on Google. Our strategies are proven and ethical and carry out all our SEO work in house. You can see below for our full range of SEO services


Website structure is extremely important to Google’s ranking algorithm. Google finds a way to make sure that people who come searching always find what they need and SEO is the technology with which websites try to meet up with Google’s search criteria so they can rant top of search queries. At Dipped Marketing, we know how to organize your website so that you are found and ranked high when Google is trying to match queries with results.

Some of our SEO services include;

  • Semantic Analysis

Semantic analysis helps you to recognize and rank the importance of topics within a given document. Similar to keywords, semantics also play a crucial important role in search-engine rankings. Semantics are not your typical  search criteria so learning to optimize this is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to boost search rankings and at Dipped Marketing Group, we’ve mastered the art of semantics and know how to optimize it to clients benefits

  • Keyword Research

Building keywords into your content ensures it captures your customer’s interest so that you can experience increased traffic and conversions whenever related searches are made.

Our keyword focuses on relevant industry keywords, keywords ranking data as well as keyword ranking data within your own domain and also other information like volume of keyword’s average search per month, rank priority and the bid cost per click. All of these help us provide you with keywords that will drive traffic to your content.

  • Relevant Backlinks

The pages that link to your site carry with them authority and search engines take this authority into account when determining results rankings. At Dipped Marketing, we have a large network of relationships with websites that have a high domain authority and we are also constantly building new ones. Our link acquisition and vetting process is through and we ensure that your site always has the right links to support your SEO goals.

  • Technical SEO

Find out what’s going on behind the scenes of your site, our SEO specialists dig deep to ensure that your website’s technical SEO configurations are constantly under watch to ensure that they are optimized or long term success. We carry out regular site audit to detect ways we can improve your site’s technical SEO so that your website performs optimally at all times.

  • Site Migration

Let’s move you with ease. Transferring your website to a new platform or structure can have a serious negative impact on its rankings and effectiveness. At Dipped Marketing, we’ve found a way to seamlessly perform this migration with very little or no impact to you site’s rankings and performance.

  • More Social Engagement

Increased interaction with famous websites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter directly affects your site’s visibility and indirectly your search ranking. At Dipped Marketing, our social media marketing strategies are cutting edge and are poised to deliver excellent returns on investments. 

Our Philosophy

At Dipped Marketing Group, we are passionate about seeing it through with our ideas and suggestions for your brand and business. Whenever we are tasked with developing a concept for you, we make sure to do our research, the writing, the design and deploy all the resources at our arsenal to promote it once it’s done.

For us, we believe that having a brilliant idea is not good enough, execution is what makes the difference and at Dipped, our target is to execute flawlessly and without errors.

With the wide variety of skill sets at our disposal and still expanding, we’ve placed a high priority on finding and keeping talents as well as continued staff training and retraining. Our customers are also top on our priority list and so we do everything we can to make sure that we leave a lasting positive impression in their hearts.


We are not one to back out from a challenge, we run to embrace new and frequently complex client needs so yours will not be the exception. We help our clients succeed by always delivering top notch technical and creative digital marketing strategies.

As seasoned professionals with a deep and robust knowledge of web design and digital marketing best practices, we’ll get you on the right path right from day one.


As one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Atlanta, we pride ourselves on helping our customers create great and exciting web online presence and content.

At Dipped Marketing Group, we have a distinct SEO agency where excellent developers in SEO Optimization are trained.

We also ensure that your content is SEO friendly so that you stand out and be visible in the digital forest and we also know how to build long lasting relationships between you and your customers by creating experiences and meaningful conversations that will guarantee customer loyalty and increased/repeat patronage.

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